Stuff We Need:

We can always find a use for old tools, machines, inspiring electronics, usable scraps of textile, wood and metal.  Here is a rolling list of more specific gear and materials that would be great for our space or ongoing projects.  Clear some space in your garage, warehouse, or shop – look here, around, and help build your Makerspace!

Sturdy Workbench – Table

AM (MW) Radios

HI-Fi gear – speakers, amps, etc


            Thanks Rob!

DC Motors

             Thanks Oscar!

Sewing material – thread, buttons, elastic, etc.

              Thanks Larisa!

Musical Instruments

RC toys

Pots and Pans


Couches/comfy chairs

Feel free to add to the list, or bring in something inspiring!  Sustainability is a way of working, and we look for creative ways to activate, re-use, or re-purpose anything standing still.