Making community

Who We Are

We are a community of Makers in Dalsland, Sweden gathered together to create wonderful things, connections, and new ideas through making.


What We Offer

Focusing on art and craft from classical traditions to the latest tech, we look to provide access to tools, technology, shared experiences and support for all.  In collaboration with the public, schools, industry, and community organizations, we aim to work in a way that is not just sustainable, but that makes the world a better place.

We hope you’l stop by or get in touch to make something happen!  If you need any help with your project or space, or just want to join in and be inspired to create something new, we love to share by nature.  Come in and teach or learn new skills, tools, ideas, and explore.  We are open source, access, and minded – working to grow and connect this culture here and worldwide.

Founder: Jeff Doering


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